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Print this page complete application and mail dues to below address!




We encourage you to join the NMVCA.

The NMVCA depends on the support of individuals and communities who believe that mosquito and vector control practices, when conducted with appropriate training and according to the best available information, can be protective of both human health and the environment.

We hope you will choose to join the NMVCA and also attend the workshops, and educational conference.  A listing of workshops and upcoming meetings will be listed in the newsletters.  

2011 Dues = $15.00

Name: ____________________________________________
Agency: (if applicable) __________________________________________________

Address: __________________________________________________


City: __________________________________State: _______
Zip: _______________

Make checks payable to:   NMVCA  

Mail to:  
Marge Root, NMVCA Treasurer
689 Elm Street
Ashland, NE  68003



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