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Forms for NPDES and mosquito control operations

Record keeping

This is a list of items to include for mosquito control record keeping in NE.


Sample record keeping form

This is a sample form for keeping larvacide treatment and surveillance records.

NPDES Best Management Plan

Print out this form and complete it for your County Management Plan.

NPDES flow chart and table

The flow chart shows whether a permit is needed for mosquito control operations.

State Resource Waters map and definition

This map shows the NE State Resource Waters for use in mosquito control operations.

Link to At Risk Species by County

This link takes you to the US Fish & Wildlife Service list of At Risk Species.  Enter county to see what species are at risk.

Link to At Risk Species Maps

This is a link to NE Game and Parks At Risk Species Maps.  After At Risk Species in a county are identified, a map by species can be printed out.




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