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Grant Information and Application



The Executive Board may authorize grants which may be approved under the following guidelines:

(a) Grants shall be awarded to help with expenses. 

1.) to attend meetings dealing with mosquitoes, biting flies, other insects affecting man, and rodents of public health importance  

2.) to help pay page charges and/or reprints

3.) for research projects on Nebraska mosquitoes, biting flies, or rodents
4.) To  help cover equipment, chemical or surveillance purchases.

(b) To apply for a grant a person must be a member for at least two years.  Exceptions may be made by the Board of Directors.

(c) All applications must be in writing and sent to the Secretary.

(d) Grant applications will be reviewed and approved by the Officers and Board of Directors.

(e) The maximum amount of a grant shall be $500.  

(f) A person receiving a grant must submit a written report to the Secretary of how the grant was used.

(g) Recipients are eligible only once every five years.

Grants for 2024 were awarded to Wood River and Village of Dodge.

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